Stêrk Production Ltd – A Production Company with a Heart.

Stêrk Production produces innovative and entertaining creations for both scene and screen. The company also produces book- and film scripts mostly with inspiration taken from the multicultural Sweden of today. The Company was founded 2004 by actress and writer Nisti Stêrk.

Business idea

Stêrk Production’s aim is to create strong, colorful productions that picture our time and invite to reflection. Always set in an international context but with a clear local focus. We deliver entertainment that engages, because humor is a serious business!

Our values

Love, consideration, thoughtfulness, commitment, disposition, professionalism, accuracy. The Company’s leitmotivs are the love for culture and the passionate desire to make people laugh at themselves, their situation and their relation to society. Stêrk Production work from the heart and we are committed and passionate about what we do.

Our vision

Stêrk Production strives to become one of Sweden’s forefront production companies. Through our work, we want the World to become a better place!