International Comedy Film Festival 2018

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On the 18th of October 2018 we open the gates to celebrate the fifth year of the International Comedy Film Festival.

We start off with all the bells and whistles and a preview screening of the long awaited Lyrro – Emi&Immigrants by Peter Dalle, creator of Yrrol. We are also accompanied by one of the funniest women in the world – Jennifer Saunders!

The theme of this year is Comedy and liberty. Liberty to be, be seen and perform precisely as you are. This theme is manifested in the films of this years programme and the discussions we’re doing during the Seminar Day (19th October) and after the film screenings.

Like the years before we have the honor to have stars from all the world with us. This years guests are Jennifer Saunders (England), Beattie Edmondson (England), Parviz Parastouei (Iran), Sermiyan Midyat (Turkey), Tommy Jessop (England), Yasmin Raeis (Egypt) and Sally Phillips (England).

Best wishes and we hope to have you with us! Please navigate the site to find your favourite event.