International Comedy Film Festival


Sweden’s first International Comedy Film Festival

”Laughter is the shortest distance between two human beings” Victor Borge

Comedy is an underestimated genre even though it appeals to large audiences and often asks serious questions calling for reflection from a socio political perspective. Some sensible social political and religious matters wouldn’t even reach certain sections of society if the gate wasn’t opened with a disarming laughter. Comedy film can open up for dialogue and reach into even the most remote of hearts.

The Comedy Film Festival offers a unique possibility to Stockholm to discover what people laugh at in other cultures. Throughout the Festival we will try to interpret the cultural codes of other countries and transmit all kinds of humor, not the least together with our international guests. Through humor and laughter we can get to know each other much better!

We want people to get to know each other in the spirit of humor. We believe that there are many hilarious comedies, from all over the world, that haven’t yet reached the Swedish movie theatres. We’ll make that happen!

In 2014 Stêrk Production arranged the International Comedy Film Festival for the first time. It turned out to be four days full of film screenings, seminars, international guests and parties. The atmosphere trough out the festival was filled with laughter, joy and unexpected meetings. This year we intend to make the festival even better. Join us at Sture cinema September 24th-27th!