För Sverige i Tiden!

  • För Sverige i Tiden!

Nisti Stêrk i sin egen Sverigerevy!

Ever since her childhood Nisti has loved Swedish matinee movies and Swedish revue history. För Sverige i Tiden! is her tribute to popular Swedish artists like Nils Poppe, Lill-Babs and Monica Zetterlund. Nisti also offers many stories from his own life. With her on the stage, she has three musicians, and some of our most beloved artists also appears.

With För Sverige i Tiden! Nisti Stêrk tries to convey intelligent humor in the spirit of Hasse and Tage. She plays with old models, skits and songs and twists and turns of perspectives. It becomes Lill-Babs-jenka along with the crowd, singin Teddy Bear Ibrahim, and the schlager Främling gets a whole new depth when the old meets the new Sweden by Nisti. För Sverige i Tiden! had its world premiere in 2007 at the Maxim theater in Stockholm and then went on a tour around Sweden with the National Theatre.


”Stêrk loves her audience and brakes down the barrier, not only between Kurdish and Swedish, but between stage and audience.”

Dagens Nyheter

”The charm and ability to establish contact with the audience has Nisti Stêrk already got enough and to spare”

Svenska Dagbladet

”The Swedish pop and popular culture seen through the fresh eyes of Nisti Sterks revue För Sverige i Tiden!”

”There is something very special in the encounter between a young, energetic woman, whose origin is not even on the map, and Swedish, slightly older, popular culture, as this is in the name of Nils Poppe and Barbro Svensson.”


”With an incredible energy, humor, seriousness, great stagepresence and a big heart she really gives it all.”


”Nisti Stêrk is a great inspiration ‘

”Stêrk is Nils Poppe. So pleased, no, thrilled to be on stage that immediately rubs off.”