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Zeynos värld

A million TV viewers have already seen the celebrated notion of the determined little lady Zeyno. Her world extends from the laundry room all the way to world politics. Zeyno have something to say to all who will listen.

Zeyno is a Kurd from Turkey who came to Sweden in the 80’s. She lives in Tensta, outside Stockholm, where she runs a drycleaner with tailoring. Zeyno is a very determined woman who likes to take place and gladly teach how others can do it too. She talks about everything, from internal racism to the longing for her home country with eight kinds of chlorine. She let’s you in on her best cooking tips and tells how the washing machine is better at solving problems than Dr. Phil. Zeyno acts first and thinks later.

Audience and critics success Zeynos world has previously played on the Stockholm City Theatre, Maxim Theater, the National Theater, broadcast on Swedish television (Weekly Performance) and in 2005 appeared Zeyno up in Sing-along at Skansen.

Eight years later, the popular Zeyno is about to make comeback in a film.